PBM, Zagreb

Datum dogodka: 09. 10. 2017  Ura: 8:00

Gostitelj: KTC International

Naslov: Zagrebačka avenija 100a, Zagreb, Croatia [zemljevid]

PROJECT BUSINESS MANAGEMENT / 2 days of practical and interactive learning sessions http://pbmzag.ktc-international.hu/

Seminar Focus:

Recognition of the demands placed on the Project Manager operating in a commercial (or contract) environment and dealing with the profit-center reality

Need to establish an extended, practical framework that intersects business and project management, while acknowledging that PMBOK is a leading standard

Emphasis placed on means of improving project integration between client and vendor

Realistic assessment that the commercial environment requires PM practices that include a business orientation and not unproductive additional process specifications

Complementary assessment that vendor firms must pay more attention to the power of the project management approach tailored to their business model and total portfolio management


Delivering a project, subject to commercial terms, might be considered a form of extreme project management. Every mistake is amplified. The vendor project manager (PM) needs techniques beyond the standard PMBOK approach, which deals only with the buyer view. This workshop examines a next level of knowledge for PMs in complex environments and offers specific commercial advice. How do business conditions impact project practice? What is the next level of project management knowledge? Are there consistent techniques and practices that more experienced project managers can adopt to manage complex projects?

The topics explored in this seminar include integration of project management, organization and accountabilities, systemization of risk, estimation, an effective approach to quality, resourcing, and essentials of finance. Each session opens with a dramatic video scenario from a complex project, followed by brief lectures, carefully designed interactive sessions, and class discussion to explore the new material. Adequate Q&A time is allowed. This is a high-content session, with an emphasis on practicality. The workshop extracts from the presenter’s new book Commercial Project Management, which is offered as a course reference and for further study.

Care is taken to map the content to the Guide to the PMBOK 5th Edition, using compatible terminology and suggesting resolutions to potential inconsistencies and omissions.

Ugodnosti za člane PMI Slovenija

For PMI-SI members free accommodation is at hotel Antunovic. This is the same hotel where the seminar is going to be: http://www.hotelantunovic.com/ All the PMI-SI members need to do is to send a short email with their registration-form filled and state that they are a PMI-SI Chapter member. They can send it directly to me to goran@ktcintl.com. We will then reserve their room and pay for their accommodation. The free accommodation is for 2 nights: from Sunday, October 08 to Tuesday, October 10. If someone decides to come in from Ljubljana (or elsewhere) on Monday morning, directly to the seminar and only stay 1 night at the hotel, then they should let us know and then we will arrange their accommodation for 1 night.

Gostitelj: KTC International

Naslov: Zagrebačka avenija 100a, Zagreb, Croatia

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