PM4Real: Design Thinking in Project Delivery

Join us, on Thursday, the 20th of October, at 5pm for a presentation about Design Thinking in Project Delivery. The event will take place hybridly, live at Endava and via Zoom. By participating in the event, you will gain 2 PDU points.

As part of the Industry Innovation Lab Daša was lucky to use Design Thinking in practice and ever since she loves sharing its beauty of it with the world. One might think that Design Thinking is made for designers or for creative individuals & teams. However, it is far from the truth. Design Thinking is a framework that is complementary to the Agile framework and is becoming more and more popular in complex environments.  In the lecture, we will see how and why Design Thinking can add value to everyone when used in project management – project managers, product managers, engineers and customers – creating and resulting in better projects.

Dasa rotar pm4real design thinking

Daša Rotar is an outside-the-box thinker, who loves people interaction, embraces new challenges & is passionate about technology . She is also a big fan of Design Thinking which showed her how empathy can make "miracles"  . In the last 17 years she has been diving into different domains and job roles -  applying the product, project, strategy, marketing, and sales management to technology products in the energy, intralogistics, medical, finance, and IT sectors on a global scale.

The event is free, non-members are also welcome. The presentation will be held in English. Join PMI Slovenia for a research, Q&A, discussion, and networking!


20. Oct 2022


17:00 - 19:00


Letališka cesta 29b, 1000 Ljubljana


PMI Slovenia
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