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PM4Real: Multi-country Multi-site Project Management

Join us on Thursday, November 24, 2022, at 5 p.m. at the PM4Real project managers gathering, where we will explore multi-country and multi-site project management. The event will take place hybridly, live at Endava and via Zoom. By participating in the event, you will gain 2 PDU points.

Multi-country, multi-site project management can be a challenge due to the need to coordinate across different time zones, cultures, and infrastructure. However, some key things can be done to ensure a successful outcome. By being aware of the range of challenges and taking steps to address them, organizations can increase the likelihood of success that the project is delivered in full, on time, within budget and with satisfaction when undertaking a multi-country, multi-site project.

The presentation will include defining the objective, developing robust plans that take into account different time zones, cultures and infrastructure, and managing communication and expectations among stakeholders. We will include also a Case study of multi-site project management from Australia and outline the differences in project management in Europe and Australia.

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Robert Bratuša Brant, Prince2, CSM, is an international IT/digital and business transformation specialist and he works as a Delivery Manager at Endava Slovenia. He managed around 60 IT and business projects, where he set the vision and strategy for long-term prosperity. His business experience includes Europe, Asia, and Australia. Robert has a remarkable commercially astute, and exceptional combination of leadership, innovations, and operational and technical skills. He holds a Master of Science in Business Administration - Corporate Finance from EF, and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science from FRI, University of Ljubljana. Robert's qualifications include a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Prince2 and CSM - Certified Scrum Master.

The event is free, non-members are also welcome. The presentation will be held in English.

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24. Nov 2022


17:00 - 19:00


Letališka cesta 29b, 1000 Ljubljana


PMI Slovenia
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