About the conference

Slovenian non-profit associations itSMF Slovenia and PMI Slovenia combine modern content of IT Service Management and Project Management in joint international conference TOGETHER IN EXCELLENCE, which will be held on March 19th and 20th in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference was already successfully held in October 2017. Many positive responses from participants and the desire to master the necessary interdisciplinary skills that a modern company needs have led us to the upcoming conference, with which we want to ambitiously exceed expectations set by first performance.

The red line of the conference is digital transformation and newly created models of interaction and management of services that have already started to emerge as a result of this transformation. Special attention is paid to virtual teams, new ways of project management, various ways of integrating cloud services, and the support options enabled by cloud-based services that lead to business excellence. Among the first we will introduce the new version of ITIL v4. In addition to Slovene experts, we will host recognized foreign lecturers from the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA, and present a number of good practices.

During the second conference day, on March 20th, foreign presenters and domestic experts will connect the conference content with practical half-day workshops and expert discussions. In addition, students will receive free afternoon lectures in project management.

The content is interesting for all those who are responsible for managing and introducing novelties into the business, and of course for management representatives who are aware of the impact of novelty on business strategies. We estimate that up to 200 participants will attend. For the greater impact of the event, the promotion of conference is supported by an extremely successful marketing agency Mediade.