All PMI certifications are widely usable and adoptable, they don’t use specific methodology and they can be used in different industries, niche markets and geographical locations. PMI institute has made detail analysis and definition of role and duties of project managers in global and local environments, because of that, PMI certificate is widely known and appreciated in companies, public sector and individuals.

Internationally acknowledged PMI certification program was started back in 1984, when PMI Institute was the first to offer PMP certificate. PMP certificate is still the most widely recognized, in March 2016 there were more than 710.000 PMP certificate holders all over the world. With years, PMI added additional certificates (currently there are eight different certificates all together), which were designed and maintained with all details and requirements of project management. Process of development and offering of PMP certification is certified as ANSI standard ISO 17024, and is in accordance with standard ISO 9001:2000 for quality assurance. PMI Institute is regularly performing studies, to check if certification is still up to date with current project management practices, and adopt certification if necessary.

Currently more than 750.000 experts worldwide are holding one of the PMI certificate. PMI certified professionals have better possibilities of employment and higher salaries compared to others. PMI certification encourages continuous professional development by requiring PMI certificate holders to continue education and improve their knowledge all the time.