PM4Real goals

The main purpose of PM4Real events is to contribute to on-going development, recognition and acknowledgment of the project management and project managers as a profession. Not to mention networking and informal exchange of experiences and knowledge.

What does a PM4Real event look like?

PM4Real Event Announcement → Newsletter to members → Attendees application→ Participation at the event → Handout materials covering topics from event → Gathering ideas for future events → Preparation for new PM4Real Events

After the PM4Real Event is announced, all members of PMI Chapter Slovenia that gave their permissions to include them on our mailing list, receive an e-mail with event description and link for application to the event. Details about each PM4Real Event are published also on the PMI Slovenia web page. All participants that have valid PMP certificate are rewarded with 2 PDU’s. The main idea of such gatherings is to have a group discussion on a topic covered at each event- these could be some past experiences with projects, examples of best practices used or even real challenges or problems that project managers are facing at current projects.

Each event starts with a few minutes’ presentation in PowerPoint, followed by group discussion and exchange of experiences, ideas or suggested solutions for certain problems. If conclusions made are satisfying to wrap the session, participants can move to next topic or try to reach an understanding about topics covered in a following event. Most valued contributions of each session are published in short on the PMI Slovenia web page.

Each event is hosted by Antonela Divić Mihaljević. She makes sure all participants are heard and that there is relaxed, friendly and safe atmosphere to discuss all kinds of questions related to work of project manager or even wider.

Most common questions we are looking answers for are:

Are we better performers as project managers if we have PMP certificate?

Is PMBOK the right tool to get questions and solutions in everyday work?

Of course, answer to both questions is Yes. We got our PMP certificate based on our previous successful work as a project manager. PMBOK is not just theory, above all it is source of best practises and approaches that work if they are properly applied in practice. Real life is far from ideal examples covered in PMBOK, but they can be a tremendous help to finding solutions that will work best for challenges of a project.

Registration fee

All PM4Real events are free of charge for active members of PMI® Slovenia. For all non-members first time participation is free of charge, participation in all further events is possible after submitting the registration fee of 15€ (VAT included) per event. Details for payments are:

IBAN: SI56 6100 0001 4386 902, Delavska hranilnica d.d.

Payments must be submitted latest 3 days before date of the event. The invoice for payment made will be issued after the event.

Why PM4real?

Two of the most important guidelines of PMI are experience exchange and mentorship, therefore we at PMI Slovenia decided to organize such events for members and non-members. First event took place in year 2017 and so far together we managed to find practical solutions for real project management challenges.


All participants that have valid PMP certificate are rewarded with 2 PDU’s. The presenters on PM4Real Events are rewarded with 1 PDU for each reported hour of preparation. Application through e-mail is required prior to the event.

Schedule of PM4Real events?

PM4Real events are regularly taking place usually each third Thursday of the month at 17:00 and last approximately 2 hours. During school holidays events are cancelled.

Proposed topics for new PM4Real events

We invite you to send an email at the address with all suggestions for topics that you would like us to cover in the following months. All volunteers who wish to prepare an introductory PowerPoint are more than welcome to send us an email at the address with the topic they would like to cover and the month of event in which the selected topic will be discussed. Events usually take place each third Thursday of the month at various locations. PowerPoint can be short and brief: just a base and opening points for further discussion. We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Who should join us at PM4Real events?

All project managers and project management team members that are interested in project management are welcome.

Past events

  1. srečanje PM4Real – Earned Value Method 19.2.2017, Edo Pavlič
  2. srečanje PM4Real – Učinkovita komunikacija, 16.2.2017, Alenka Slabe
  3. srečanje PM4Real – Odgovorni sponzor kot zaveznik projektnega managerja, 23. 3.2017, Aleš Štempihar
  4. srečanje PM4Real – Kako oceniti obseg dela na projektu?, 20.4.2017, Edo Pavlič
  5. srečanje PM4Real – Prodajni krog in projektno vodenje, 18.5.2017, Marjan Bradeško
  6. srečanje PM4Real – Uvajanje projektne metodologije in/ali projektne pisarne?, Špela Urh Popovič, 15.6.2017
  7. srečanje PM4Real – Sožitje agilnega in tradicionalnega projektnega vodenja, 21.9.2017, Maja Ferle
  8. srečanje PM4Real – PM for Real za prostovoljce, 12.12.2017, Alenka Gruden
  9. srečanje PM4Real – PMI_Critical Success Factors, 25.1.2018 Sonja Kralj
  10. srečanje PM4Real – Ključne spremembe v PMBoK® Guide 6th edition. 29.3.2018, Andreja Križnič
  11. srečanje PM4Real – IT orodja projektnega vodenja, 24.5.2018 , Miha Lenič
  12. srečanje PM4Real – Project Management in Practice, 03.10.2018, Chris Grassmuck
  13. srečanje PM4Real – Risk Management, 25.10.2018, Maja Brajković