The purpose of this project is to replace the existing PMI Slovenia website with the new one, as the old one doesn`t provide outstanding services to our members and other stakeholders. We want to align the new web page with the PMI strategy and the goals and communication strategy of executive board of PMI Slovenia.

The main purpose of the website is to serve our members. We want to develop a professional web site which will provide great services to our members.

We will achieve this with attractive, engaging and user-friendly design with short messages focusing on quality over quantity. Information needed must be easy to find with minimum possible numbers of clicks.

The website should be intuitive to use and the user interface should be easy to understand. Our goal is to Increase the average number of visits per day, in six months after the launch, by 100%.

After the project charter was approved we used Balsamiq for designing wireframes. We use Easy Redmine for project communication and management. WordPress CMS will be used for the implementation.

This project is entirely managed and implemented by a group of wonderful volunteers:

  • Ana Sustic
  • David Bojanovič
  • David Kropf
  • Igor Mrzlikar
  • Maja Brajkovič
  • Martin Meze
  • Primož Frelih
  • Urša Likar
  • Alenka Slabe

Project duration: April – December 2018.