The PMI Slovenia Project Management Association is a non-profit organization that pursues the common interests of individuals in the field of project management. Since 2002, PMI Slovenia has been part of the global PMI organization, which unites around 680,000 global members and has more than 340 local associations in most countries of the world. We operate on the basis of voluntary membership, which aims to provide conditions for personal and professional growth in the field of project management. We are committed to project management taking into account world-renowned standards and licenses, the research program and career development opportunities.

PMI Slovenia is a reference point for all who are interested in project management. Our association connects and promotes active cooperation and the development and consolidation of knowledge through the exchange of experiences and good practices. Through this activity we strive for:

  • professional growth in project management with programs and initiatives designed in accordance with the needs,

  • promote current thematic seminars and workshops to strengthen the capacity of project managers and contribute to PMI licensing programs,

  • introduce the profession of project manager, principles and techniques in companies, educational institutions and professional associations.

Through our activities, we contribute to the recognition and acceptance of the important role of project management in the economy, scientific and government institutions.

PMI Slovenia represents its members with the most prominent people in project management in Slovenia with the aim of gaining knowledge and exchanging experiences.

We invite you to join us and take advantage of the opportunities we offer you at PMI Slovenia.

Executive Board of PMI Slovenia

PMI Slovenia Association

Vision, mission, goal

Our VISION is to become the leading project management association in Slovenia. Our MISSION is to create opportunities for personal and professional growth of project managers, and to ensure that members become more successful in developing their skills and knowledge. Our GOAL is to encourage organizations to accept, use and evaluate project management and identify successes in its use.

Basic data

Title: PMI Slovenia Project Management Association, Ljubljana Chapter Abbreviated name: PMI Slovenia Association Headquarters: Železna cesta 14, 1000 Ljubljana Organizational form: society Company representative: Marko Golob Registration number: 1679988 Tax number: 83503803 Chapter code: C278 Transaction account: Delavska hranilnica d.d. SI56 6100 0001 4386 902

Executive Board

President of the Association: Marko Golob, PMP® University Academic Outreach VP: Tjaša Tomšič Secretary VP: Luka Corn, CAPM® Members and Volunteers VP: Uroš Delević, CAPM® Treasurer and Finance VP: Marjana Skubic, PMP® Marketing and Communications VP: David Owowa, CAPM® Professional Development and Certification VP: Ivana Rancic, PMP®

Supervisory Board

Matjaž Likar, PMP® Jelena Ječmenić, PMP® Sonja Kralj, PMP®

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