Projects From The Future

One of the main missions of PMI® is to provide project management knowledge to the community in which we live and work. Members of the PMI Slovenia association carry out numerous activities through the Projects From The Future program, the purpose of which is to spread the knowledge and culture of project management among children.

The Learning Tool Project Projects for Primary Schools is a great tool for introducing project management in primary schools. Recognized as a good practice by the global PMI® Association, it is published as a material in 15 languages ​​at the PMIEF - Educational Foundation, which enables young people to realize their potential and enrich their lives through project management.

We are proud to have translated the manual into Slovene and presented its use to teachers in many Slovene primary schools.

Based on experience, a team of members of PMI Slovenia - "Poganjkarjev" in 2015 prepared a program for the introduction of teaching aids, which more precisely define the use of teaching aids and is intended for teachers and other educators.

In 2016, we tested the program in a pilot project in the Municipality of Nova Gorica, which was the first municipality in Slovenia to decide to provide organizational and financial support and upgrade teacher training through mentoring and a closing event.

More information about the program of Projects From The Future at the link:

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