PMI community

People are important. Group work. Cooperation. Leadership. Motivation.

PMI Slovenia offers each of its members opportunities for development, progress and new acquaintances, and much of this is possible due to first-class active members who want to return to the community at least a part of what they themselves have received from it. If you want to join our active members, we invite you to contact us at and find out what are the current opportunities for participation in projects.

Active membership has many advantages, including:

  • expansion of the business network, because as a volunteer you work in a group of people who come from different fields and with different knowledge and experience
  • gaining new knowledge and experience, among the most important are knowledge and experience in leadership, cooperation with different profiles of people and in different situations
  • developing leadership skills, along with giving back to the community!

Did you know?

  • You also earn PDU points as part of PMI activities.
  • That the entire management of PMI Slovenia also consists of active members
  • You can also participate in international projects, which can be found at
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