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We invite you to join PMI Slovenia, Ljubljana Chapter.


You can enroll through the official PMI website with a few simple steps:

  1. You start the enrollment process with the Become a member button, which takes you to the official PMI website through which you will enroll. This page also provides more information on membership types and prices. Membership is divided into three basic categories, namely: individual, student and retiree.
  2. The Join PMI link is available in the "PMI Membership" box to begin the enrollment process.
  3. The site guides you through the process of creating or updating a user account, selecting a local PMI Chapter, and the process for paying a membership fee.
  4. You are invited to return to our PMI Slovenia website after registration.


The annual membership fee for the first registration to PMI is $ 129, $ 119 for membership renewal and $ 32 for students. In addition to the PMI membership fee, an additional $ 11 is required for membership in the PMI Slovenia chapter. For students, the membership fee is $ 2. The membership fee is valid for one year.

PMI community

All other information or assistance regarding membership in the PMI Slovenia chapter is available from Jasna Škrbec, by e-mail:

PMI Slovenia - Ljubljana Chapter
Železna cesta 14
1000 Ljubljana
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