PM4Real: Intrix the Project Management Tool

Join us on Thursday, January 19, 2023, at 5 p.m. at the PM4Real, where we will learn about the Intrix tool for project management. The event will take place hybridly, live on Endava and via Zoom. By participating in the event, you will gain 2 PDU points.

At any given moment, every company is faced with the implementation of a project. Either it's an internal website renovation project, the implementation and installation of a swimming pool for a customer or the development of a new product. We will learn how we can transparently and easily monitor all our projects and tasks in one place with the Intrix system.

On practical examples, we will look at the effective use of the Gantt chart and different types of dependencies between tasks, monitoring progress or delays in projects and tasks, look at time planning and the occupancy of coworkers, check how to control the time spent and costs, and look at some simple tricks that can help us save time.

The Intrix tool for project management will be presented to us by Petra Vajda from Intera. There will also be time for questions after the presentation.

Intrix Petra Vajda

Petra Vajda is a communication specialist with many years of experience in marketing and sales. There are a lot of perfectly executed marketing stories and projects behind her. She believes that successful projects are the result of excellent team management, good concepts and quality systems for systematic monitoring. At Intera, she is a consultant for the implementation of a project management system in companies. She is a lover of all things beautiful and a fan of good but realized ideas.

The event is free, non-members are also welcome. The presentation will be held in Slovene.

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19. Jan 2023


17:00 - 19:00


Letališka cesta 29b, 1000 Ljubljana


PMI Slovenia

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