PM4Real January 2022: Good Practices of Active Membership

At the first PM4Real in 2022, we would like to present three examples of good practices of active membership. The first example is meetings intended for project managers who already have a certain level of knowledge of English and want to maintain it, who want to share knowledge from our field of expertise through a group discussion and at the same time develop a network of international contacts. The second example is the Projects from the future project. The last example we would like to present is the Light up 360 event.

We invite you to consider and suggest what good practices we could add to the work of our association and implement them this year. The event is free of charge and will take place online.

In the first part, Marjana Skubic, M.Sc., PMP, will present free advanced English courses for project managers from PMI Lima, Peru Chapter, Academy of English for project managers and other collaborative chapters. The courses were led by coaches from countries around the world and they rounded off their activities in 2021 with the Intercultural Meet & Greet for project managers event. This year, PMI Turkey is also preparing similar courses within the framework of these courses. Members of PMI Slovenia, Ljubljana can attend these courses as students, coaches or project managers of a Session of courses or events. There are also opportunities for PMI Slovenia, Ljubljana to work together with these chapters, or even establish an Academy of English for Project Managers PMI Slovenia, Ljubljana. We will also be joined by a guest Mr. Martin Samuel Figueroa Perez, new head of the Academy of English, PMI Lima, Peru.

In the second part, Alenka Slabe, PMP, will present the Projects from the future project, which aims to spread knowledge and culture of project management among children. Projects from the future is a great learning tool for introducing project management in primary schools. It was recognized as a good practice by the global PMI® Association and it was published as a material in 15 languages ​​at the PMIEF - Educational Foundation, which enables young people to realize their potential and enrich their lives through project management. We also translated it into Slovene and presented its use to teachers in many Slovene primary schools.

In the third part, Uroš Orehek will present the Light up 360 event. It is an event where project managers from the PMI community compete for the best 360-second presentation. They present and share their valuable knowledge and experience from practice, therefore the event is very interesting also for the audience. Light up 360 brings together five PMI chapters from northern Italy, Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary. In the end, participants have the opportunity to vote for their favorite presentation. The best three presentations receive prizes.

Marjana Skubic, M.Sc., has been an active member of PMI Slovenia, Ljubljana chapter since 2020. She participated in the organization of the conference Together in Excellence 2021. Last year she was also a mentor in two Advanced English courses for project managers and a project manager of the International Meet & Greet event for project managers and she regularly attends PM4Real events. She has more years of managing mostly IT projects and has certificates: CompTIA project +, PMP, PSM I, Agile Hybrid Project Pro.

alenka slabe

Alenka Slabe is a PMP licenced project manager with 20 years of international and cross industry experience. She develops business and leadership skills of teams and managers who want to excel in efficiency and productivity. As a former president of PMI Slovenia and an active member of this organization she is engaged in conferences and PM initiatives. At the Light Up 360 event that was held in May 2021 within 5 countries in the region she won the prize for the best presenter.

uros orehek

Uroš Orehek, M.Sc., has been an active member of PMI Slovenia since 2019 and also serves on the Executive Board. He participated in the organization of the LighUp 360 event in Slovenia in 2020 as a project manager and in 2021 as a co-organizer of the LighUp 360 event in Hungary. In 2021, he moderated some PM4Real events. He actively participates in projects and events of the association, where he gathers experience and transfers it to the industrial environment.

Join PMI Slovenia for research, Q&A, discussion, and networking! More about membership you can read here.


20. Jan 2022


17:00 - 19:00




PMI Slovenia
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