Managing People's Side Of Projects

The topic of last PM4Real event, which took place on 16 September 2021, at Endava, was how to manage people's side of projects and make your project a success. The presentation and discussion was led by Peter Dolenc from PDiVision, who has many years of experience in project implementation, and also specializes in the ADKAR method of change management and has several Prosci certificates.

We talked about how best to make people permanently change their way of working and thus contribute to the success of the project. We went through the required 5 steps of the ADKAR method. Peter also gave practical advice on how to proceed with change when a nice word doesn’t find a place and who to turn to.

upravljanje človeške strani projektov PMI Slovenia
The PM4Real event took place at Endava.

The ADKAR model represents 5 steps of successful implementation of change: awareness - that the organization needs change, desire - to cooperate and support change, knowledge - how to make change, action - to introduce desired competencies and behaviors and reinforcement - to keep the change.

peter dolenc pmi slovenija

At the end of the presentation, we had an interesting 1.5-hour discussion on the topic of Managing the Human Side of Projects. The participants shared interesting experiences from practice that we discussed on it - how it would be most optimal to implement change in the company.

For more information, you can contact PDiVision, where they also organize certification training for change management for companies.

The purpose of the PM4Real event is to contribute to the continuous development of project management, exchange knowledge and experience from practice and expand the participant's social network (networking). We invite you to see our Activities page and join us at the next event.

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