Proactive Behavior and Leadership - PM4Real

On Thursday, May 27, 2021, at the PM4Real event, we listened to a presentation by Marko Golob, PMP, on the topic of Proactive Behavior and Leadership. He introduced us to the advantages and disadvantages of proactive behavior, how employees can respond to a problem, why employees behave proactively, and factors that encourage proactive behavior. We also learned what proactive leadership is and what a proactive leader should be like.

PM4Real proactive behavior and leadership
Snapshots from the PM4Real event, presentation by Marko Golob.

The event was attended by 22 people. We also hosted PMI members from abroad, from other chapters, as the presentation took place online. Accreditation holders received 2 PDU points.

The purpose of the PM4Real event is to contribute to the continuous development of project management, exchange knowledge and experience from practice and expand the participant's social network (networking). We invite you to see our Activities page and join us at the next event.

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